Allenamenti in gravidanza e post-parto per mantenersi attivi

Pregnancy & Postpartum Workouts to Keep You Active

Pregnancy & Postpartum Workouts to Keep You Active

Congratulations and welcome to pregnancy and postpartum workouts! Fit, healthy pregnancy and postpartum periods are possible and have great rewards. You can be stronger, shake off stress, look great, and prepare your body for labor.

Start slowly and train up your strength. Get your doctor’s approval and get the proper gear. Keep it fun, listen to your body and stay within your limits. Whether you’re running, lifting, stretching, or doing yoga, you don’t have to let pregnancy and postpartum sideline you from your fitness goals. Get back in the game and maintain your active lifestyle!

Being pregnant or postpartum comes with lots of joys, but also many challenges. One of those challenges is staying active while dealing with the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. That’s why we've put together the ultimate guide to pregnancy and postpartum workouts, so you can stay in shape during this special time!

We know that it can be intimidating to dive into a new type of exercise, especially during such a delicate time in your life. That's why we've done the hard work for you - compiling all the best exercises recommended by experts for pregnant women and post-pregnancy moms.

From simple tips to help you keep your balance while walking to targeted prenatal yoga poses, there’s something in here for everyone. Each activity includes instructions on how to modify each workout according to your needs. So let’s get started on this exciting journey!

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy isn't just a good idea—it's essential for the health of both mother and baby! Not only does it help you maintain a healthy weight and prepare your body for labor, but it can also help reduce back pain, strengthen weakened muscles, and increase your energy levels.

By staying active during pregnancy, you're also creating positive habits that will continue to help even after the baby arrives. Regular exercise will not only help your postpartum recovery, but can reduce your stress levels, lift your moods and build strength that'll come in handy when taking care of a newborn.

For pregnant or postpartum women, choosing the right exercises is key to staying safe and healthy. Low-impact activities like walking or swimming are great options that won't strain your growing body or overtax your already overwhelmed new mom brain. It's important to pace yourself throughout each workout so that you don't overexert yourself—remember that what matters most is that you stay consistent and work at a level you're comfortable with!

Best Exercises for Pregnant Women

Congratulations on starting this beautiful journey of motherhood! It's important to continue an active lifestyle throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and there are plenty of exercises that can help you stay healthy and fit while your little one grows.

Here are some excellent pregnancy and postpartum workouts to keep you active:

  1. Swimming: This low-impact exercise is a great way to stay cool while providing a full body workout with no pressure on the joints. It's also beneficial for pregnant women as the buoyancy of water supports the extra weight.
  2. Walking: This aerobic activity is gentle yet effective enough to keep you in shape while allowing your body time to adjust to the changes associated with pregnancy.
  3. Yoga: Incorporating yoga into your routine will help you gain strength, improve posture and make childbirth easier by stretching out muscles used during delivery.
  4. Pilates: Pilates can help tone muscles, boost core strength, reduce stress and aid in maintaining balance as you enter parenthood!

With these simple exercises, you can stay active throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey without overtaxing yourself or compromising your health—so take care of yourself mama!

Tips for Successful Post-Delivery Workouts

Congrats on the arrival of your new bundle of joy! Now that you’re done with the labor intensive process of childbirth, you may be wondering what post-delivery exercises you should do to get your body back in shape and stay healthy. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Listen to Your Body

There's absolutely no need to rush into exercising after giving birth. This is especially important for new mums who have just gone through the laborious process of childbirth. Listen to your body and take it slow, starting with low-impact exercises like walking and stretching, then gradually increasing intensity as you go.

Know Your Limits

Post-pregnancy workouts can bring up a lot of emotions and challenges, so it's important to know your limits at all times. If something doesn't feel quite right, or if you're feeling too sore or tired, it may be best to take a break and rest for a bit.

Incorporate Variety

Mix up your post-delivery exercises with a variety of activities like swimming, prenatal yoga or Pilates classes specifically designed for new mums. These activities will help restore muscle strength, improve flexibility and get you back into shape in no time!

Types of Postpartum Exercises to Consider

When it comes to getting back into exercise post-pregnancy, there are plenty of low impact workouts that you can try to get your body back in top condition. Here are some of the most popular types of exercises for moms:


Yoga is a great all-rounder exercise routine for any mother, as it can help build strength, flexibility, and balance. It's also a great way to relax and take some time out for yourself—which is really important when balancing motherhood and a busy life!


Pilates is another excellent form of exercise for new moms. This full-body workout helps improve posture, burn calories, and strengthen your abdominal muscles—which are essential for core stability and spinal health after pregnancy.


Swimming is an ideal low-impact activity for new moms looking to restore their pre-pregnancy fitness levels. Not only does swimming help build strength, but it also relieves stress and tension, which many new mothers often experience during the postpartum period.

Weight Training

Weight training has many benefits; from helping to build lean muscle and boost metabolism, to improving balance and joint health. With proper instruction from a personal trainer or gym instructor, weightlifting can be an effective way for new mothers to get stronger after childbirth.

Safety Considerations With Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise

You may know that exercise during pregnancy and postpartum can help you maintain your physical and mental health, but you may not know what safety considerations are necessary to keep in mind as well. Here's a quick look at some of the key points to remember:

Breathing & Hydration

When exercising, it's important to be conscious of your breathing and make sure that you are getting enough oxygen. Make sure you are drinking enough water - dehydration can make labor longer and more difficult, so staying hydrated is essential for both moms-to-be and new moms!

Low Impact Exercises

High-impact exercises like running or jumping should be avoided by pregnant women, as they put too much stress on the body. Instead, focus on low-impact exercises like walking, swimming or yoga. These will give you just as great of a workout while keeping your baby safe!

Frequency & Intensity

It's recommended that pregnant women exercise at least three times per week for 30 minutes each time. Some moms might need less - depending on how far along in the pregnancy they are - while others might need more. For postpartum workouts, start slowly with lighter weights and shorter periods of time. As your strength increases, gradually increase the intensity and duration of each session.

By following these three key tips, you can make sure that both pregnancy and postpartum workouts are safe for both mommy and baby!

Building a Personalized Routine

Now that you understand the different types of exercises available to pregnant women and newly moms, it's time to start building your personalized routine.

Consult a Professional

The best place to start is by consulting a professional—they will be able to assess any risks and can provide customized advice that's tailored specifically to your needs. This is especially important if you're dealing with any medical conditions or have had a cesarean delivery.

Choose Exercises That Are Safe & Effective

Once you have clearance from your doctor, it's important to make sure the exercises you choose are both safe and effective. Your routine should include a mix of aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises that focus on the entire body, rather than just one area. And don't forget about rest days! Listen to your body, and take it easy when needed.

Keep Track & Reassess Over Time

Your routine should be constantly changing as your body progresses throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Keep track of what works for you, reassess over time and make adjustments as necessary. It's also important to remember that every woman is different—so what works for one may not work for another!


Moving with intention during pregnancy and postpartum can help you stay active, connected to your body and more relaxed. With a little extra care and attention, you can feel confident that your workout routine is safe and effective for you, regardless of what your individual needs and goals may be.

From bodyweight exercises and strength workouts to cardio exercises and yoga, there are a variety of workouts that pregnant women and new moms can do to stay strong and fit during this special time. Whether you’re expecting or a new mom, you can find the right exercises to help keep you active and healthy. The key is to listen to your body and to keep in mind the importance of light exercise, safety and a slower pace.