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About Us


Pillo diapers and pants are made by FIPPI S.P.A, an Italian company that has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality hygiene solutions for more than 50 years.

The company has won several international quality awards and has always shown great attention to issues related to environmental sustainability.

All diapers also possess certification for cellulose, which is sourced exclusively from responsibly managed forestry sources.

By carefully selecting raw materials, monitoring each stage of the production process, continuously checking components and analysing all physical parameters of our products, we identify, prevent and mitigate any possible operational risk factors.

All stages of development of Pillo baby care products take place in-house at the Rho factory, based on strict procedures and supported by the company's quality management system. This ensures total quality supervision, as well as quick and flexible responses to customer requests.

Pillo is not just diapers, but a range of products for baby's hygiene and comfort. This is why we have added wet wipes to our baby nappies, which are a must in your bag to change and keep your little ones clean. The pants line is completed by pant nappies, comfortable, practical and beautiful to look at, to allow your children to play freely, even when they are not yet fully independent.

All Pillo products are designed and manufactured in Italy according to our philosophy: a guarantee of the highest quality at a very convenient price.